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    My journey to become a photographer started in childhood. With my little magic black box I would photograph the world around me, often finding myself bringing stray dogs home to capture their playful sweet nature. I was always trying to get my family to pose for me and would find myself stopping in the moment to take photos of a tiny ladybug. I have always had a heart for capturing life! “ It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”
    As I grew my love for photography and children grew, this lead me to receive degrees in both Early Childhood Development and Photography. What gives me great joy is blending my years of experience as a photographer with the intuition for capturing the true essence of my clients. I always strive to have a playful and fun session and to create Fine Art Portraits that will be treasured for generations.
    I love photographing an expected mom and then meeting her new little love, capturing playfulness between siblings, the special events in our lives such as a wedding or 1st year Birthday party, photographing families and the dog that is such a part of the family. I Love that I get share in people’s lives and capture with my little magic back box, what is truly dear to them!

    Thank you for visiting blog and hope to meet you soon!


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